The SECRET behind OnlyFans


What EROS will provide.


  • Chatting service that will take your OF to astounding heights

  • Strategic content planning

  • Optimized content strategy

  • Stunning content creation

  • Keeping your fans happy and begging for more

Our magic which makes OF millionaires

  • Strategy to make you go viral

  • Using proven organic growth methods

  • Content creation that make you stand out

  • Massive promoting through many accounts

  • Building your name into a well-established brand

  • PPV, tips and up-sell management

  • And much more...

Our pricing model.

Unlike many other agencies that charge an monthly retainer fee, we only charge a performance based percent of the results we are able to achieve for you.

Our marketing team uses the most updated and industry-leading methods for reaching your desired goal.

Because we work performance-based, there is no risk from your side.

One of our clients after 6 months work together

Some more results


I can do everything by myself, why should I hire your agency?

First of all, it's incredibly time-effective and makes your way of earning money more automated. Second, every clients we've had, have increased their revenue and made more money. Lastly it makes everything easier for you, because we are always here to help and support you and answer questions you may have.

What results can I expect?

This really depends of many factors. For example the work you put into our collaboration, how quick we manage to get your content viral, how long we work together and how long it takes to get all of our strategies to work perfect for your specific niche.

Can I track what you're doing?

Of course, we will update you through the week to make sure there is nothing unclear. We are here to make racks together, not hide you from the truth ;)

Are there any downsides by working with you?

Nothing at all, because it makes no sense for us to not make great efforts into our collaboration considering the type of pricing model our team work with. Also, we have not even once, not made 10k/month by working with a model long-term. It's all about consistency and follow our instructions which are bullet-proof and proven many times over. Our job is to make big money and grow your social media presence together.

What separates you from the other agencies out there?

We can always assure we will do everything in our power to generate massive results, even if it takes much more work than we've ever had before and I know many agencies out there are just there to make a quick cash-grab while provide little to no value at all. We are all about value and serious growth for our creators which shows clearly by our success, and that makes our agency unique.

What if I don't want to post nude photos or my face?

That's totally fine. It's always up to you how far you wanna take the content creation to and we've helped models before scale past 10k/month by not showing any nudity or face before.

How fast will the results come?

If you put in the work, and follow our proven strategies, impressive results will come quicker than you may expect, but it's impossible to say how fast. A rough estimation will be to scale you to $10k/month or more in around 2 months. This depends of many factors though.

Begin the journey to reaching financial freedom today.

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